Deployment Countdowns can be tough- let's make it simple!

You're feeling overwhelmed, lonely and uninspired.  What you really want is to...

Create a foundation to grow your relationship over the distance

Shore-up your self-care to avoid burnout and deployment "down days"

Find real support from a community of military spouses who actually get it

You can use your deployment countdown as a season to grow, learn, and THRIVE!

The best part?
You don't have to do it alone!

PILLAR is all about simplifying and bringing joy to your
deployment countdown.

That's why we're bringing 21+ seasoned military spouses and lifestyle experts together to teach you strategies to make every moment count while you're counting down deployment!

Maybe you're...

Feeling overwhelmed by just how many days are ahead of you in this deployment

Trying to stay busy but just ending up stressed out and exhausted

Tired of searching for the best resources and guidance for your countdown

It's time to make a plan that transforms your deployment countdown experience.

During this FREE online retreat you'll learn how to:

Save more and spend less with deployment-specific financial advice

Create gorgeous, thoughtful care packages for your partner

Stop counting days so your time feels like it's moving

Find the best blogs, podcasts, and free resources for your countdown

PLUS!  Get first-hand insight from experienced military spouses on topics like...

Navigating deployment with children

Eliminating overwhelm & getting organized

Nurturing your relationship from a distance

Planning for a successful homecoming & reintegration

You'll get three days of online community, inspiring speakers,and non-stop giveaways to set you up for deployment countdown success!

Meet Your Hosts


Joanna (2)


Joanna Guldin-Noll is the writer behind one of the largest military spouse lifestyle blogs online, Jo, My Gosh! Her writing has been featured in regional, national, and international digital and print publications. She is currently the social media manager at Military.com and co-owns an independent coffee shop, Swatara Coffee Co., with her husband. Joanna lives in Central PA with her Navy veteran husband John and her puppy Albus.

Joanna (3)


Becky Hoy is a U.S. Army Spouse of 9 years and the Founder of Brave Crate--the deployment countdown box for military spouses. Since launching in 2018, more than 2,000 months of deployment have been counted down using Brave Crates. Becky is passionate about encouraging military spouses to embrace the unique opportunities that deployments present for personal growth and development.

The Details


PILLAR will run Sunday, November 8th through Tuesday, November 10th with a variety of presentations to choose from each day.


It's 100% online!  There's no need to do your hair or leave the house--we'll be hosting speakers, giveaways and discussions all day from our interactive Facebook group.

What to expect

PILLAR is partnering with seasoned military spouses & lifestyle experts to bring you short, actionable advice about everything from long-distance relationships to managing the stress of a deployment.  Each presentation is 5-15 minutes and can be watched any time you're available!

Party it up!

It's not just about learning--this weekend is a true retreat including opportunities for connection, actionable growth, and relaxation.  We'll have everything from panel discussions to yoga and vision-boarding sessions. Fill up a cup of your favorite beverage and join the party!

It's not Party without SWAG!

Look forward to a full 3-days of giveaways from our favorite brands that make deployment FLY by!

Not your average online retreat

PILLAR was created specifically for military spouses who want to thrive during their deployment countdown.

More importantly, we're not just here with good advice--we're here to help you take action and transform each and every part of your deployment countdown experience!

The Speakers

Announcing the PILLAR 2020 Keynote Speakers!

Gary-highres-rgb (1)

Dr. Gary Chapman
Deployment & The 5 Love Languages

Author of the bestselling The 5 Love
Languages® series, which has sold more than 12 million worldwide and has been translated into 50 languages. Attendees will have an opportunity to submit questions to be incorporated in a question-and-answer interview
session with Dr. Chapman!

Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 9.41.21 AM

Jacey Eckhart
Ordinary Never Works

Military sociologist and nationally-syndicated columnist, will discuss her insights into the inner workings of military life during deployments. Jacey's session focuses on embracing deployment challenges, opportunities, and the truism that ordinary never works.

Rodney Roederer, eid K4551, USAA employee, formal portrait, on blue, COO

Rod Roederer
Seeking Out and Using Deployment Tools

USAA Director of Product Management, Military Life Experience Rod Roederer shares the unique tools already available to military families during deployment, with a special focus on the incredible resources currently in development through USAA!

Meet the military spouses and lifestyle experts who will help you transform your deployment countdown:


Amy Bushatz
Time Management: How to Do Everything When You Can't Do Everything



Angela Caban
Finding Community for National Guard Families



Bree Carroll
The Power of Relationships



Bernadette Soler
Deployment Resilience through Yoga



Becky Hoy
Deployment Success for the Child-free Milspouse



Brittany Boccher
Your Mission Through Deployment



Chelsea Mandello with
Travis DiPerna

Making the Most Out of Deployment Care Packs



E.J. Smith
Connecting & Accepting Support During Deployment



Emily Osment
What to Do When Things Go Wrong



JD Collins
Why You Need A Deployment Binder



Jessica Bertsch
Finding JOY (even when you count down!)



Jessica Hall
Staying Connected with United Through Reading



Jessica Moore-Tyson
Supporting Your Teen Through Deployment


Joseph A. Montanaro , eid  63255, USAA employees, non-formal portrait, on blue

Joseph "J J" Montanaro
Deployment Finances: Making Lemonade


Untitled design

Joanna Guldin-Noll
Creating Deployment



Katherine Blackwell
Fight/Flight/Freeze and the Deployment Cycle



Kimberly Bacso
Boost Your Holistic Health During Deployment



Kellie Artis
PCSing During Deployments



Krystel Spell
How to Plan a Post-Deployment Vacation


Author profile edited

Lizann Lightfoot
The Deployment Masterclass



Noralee Jones
Helping Children Navigate Deployment



Pam Chavez
Resetting your Health During Deployment


260 (1)

Dr. Patrice J. Carter
Creating a Deployment Vision Board


View More: http://ajdunlap.pass.us/rachelandalanengagement

Rachel McQuiston
Care Packages Easy as 1,2,3!



Sarah Peachey
Telling Your Deployment Story



Sybil Jones
Self LOVE for your countdown!


It's time to…

 - Find the perfect blogs, podcasts, products, and online communities that can guide you during your countdown

- Create a clear plan for living each day with purpose during this deployment season

- Connect with a community of like-minded military spouses who want to make the most of every moment until homecoming

It all happens at PILLAR: The Digital Retreat for Deployment Countdowns

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